Glassworks Coffee Subscriptions:

Getting a direct supply of fresh coffee doesn't make you a freak. It makes you a genius.

Choose the coffee (or even better, coffees), grind and amount you want. Then it magically appears on your doorstep based on the frequency you selected.

Keep things interesting and switch it up at any time. As a subscriber, you’ll get exclusive access to special offerings, including a 5% discount on recurring orders by using the code ONEOFUS at checkout. Even better, recurring orders over $30 get free shipping.


How much coffee do you really need?

Regular coffee drinkers (our kind of people) go through 12-16 oz of coffee in a week. This is a good reference point if you’re ordering for an office or other group of people that you need ready for action.

Here is what we recommend for a biweekly subscription:

1 light coffee drinker: 1 bag

1-2 regular coffee drinkers: 2 bags

2-3 regular coffee drinkers : 3 bags

3-4 regular coffee drinkers: 4 bags

5 or more regular coffee drinkers: We’re not sure what you’re up to, but we like it.