About Glassworks Coffee

Who We Are

Glassworks is a small coffee roaster, housed inside a brewery on Chicago’s Northwest side. Our mission is to bring you great, small-batch coffee, without the pretension. 

What We Know

While it can be intimidating out there, please know that there's no wrong way to enjoy your coffee. But there's a lot to learn, if you're interested. We'll share with you our preferred ways to brew, our favorite pairings and recipes, the flavor notes of our coffees and info about their growing regions.

Read all about it or just ignore it and drink up. Like a fine cup of coffee, we’ll never throw it in your face.

Where to Find Us

Sign up for a subscription, and we’ll deliver our coffee directly to you—as much or as little as you want.

Our coffees are also available at select cafés and retail outlets.

Why Glassworks Coffee?

You don't want to pass up the coolest beans in Chicago, do you? (Yes, that includes the big shiny one in the park.) Our founder, Ben Crowell, believes that coffee done right is a form of creative expression. That’s why we take a hands-on approach to every step of getting it to your door—from sourcing to roasting to quality control to building customer relationships.

A very out-of-practice musician yet avid music lover, Ben spent nearly a decade at Chicago’s legendary Touch and Go Records, where he found inspiration in the indie label’s fair and ethical business practices. Later, after honing his roasting skills at one of Chicago’s premier coffee purveyors, Ben set out to create his own balanced, flavorful small-batch coffee that’s delicious—never pretentious—with a more personal, transparent customer experience. It’s great coffee with nothing to hide.