Cold Brew

Cold Brew

Cold brew offers a smooth, sweet, and less acidic brewing method that works perfectly for your iced (or hot) coffee needs. While there are multiple cold brew methods and options available for home use, we recommend and offer CoffeeSock® cold brew filters. These reusable cotton filters impart no flavor to your coffee the way that paper filters can, and they are substantially more friendly, both economically and environmentally. Don’t worry, clean up is a breeze. After you brew, add the grounds to your compost — plants love them!

Cold Brew

CoffeeSock cold brew filter and scale.

We recommend 8 ounces by weight per 64 ounce batch, but this can be adjusted to your personal taste.

use your scale

We recommend a coarse grind for cold brew due to the extended brewing time.

Coarse Grind

Before getting started, boil new filters in fresh water to clean and shrink for 10 minutes. No need to let dry completely before use.

Brewing Instructions:
Fit cold brew filter over lip of 64 oz. wide mouthed canning jar or other suitable vessel.

Cold Brew

Add desired amount of coarsely ground coffee.

We recommend 8 ounces by weight per 64 ounce batch, but this can be adjusted to your personal taste.   

Cold Brew

Wet (bloom) the dry coffee and let set for 30 seconds, allowing the water to fully penetrate the coffee grounds from the center.  

This is necessary to maximize flow and to avoid dry pockets, and weak brew.

Cold Brew

Add filtered water in batches or very slowly, to fill.

Close filter by gathering the top of fabric together, wrapping the strap around the gathered neck of the filter, and pass through the attached ring.

Times vary with volume of brew and ambient temperature. Warmer temperatures and shorter brew times yield a brighter and less extracted brew. Long cold soaks produce rich and smooth brews.

We recommend steeping in a cool location for anywhere between 20-24 hours. Your fridge is perfect, but a cool countertop works as well.

Remove filter with grounds and allow remaining coffee to drain into vessel from grounds.

Cold Brew

Add water to reach 64 ounces.

Clean up:
After brewing, discard grounds (great for compost or on plants), and thoroughly rinse filter.

Boil filter again every once in a while to clean out coffee oil residuals.

All Photos by Kristan Lieb