The Aeropress is a wonderfully transportable and easy to use brewing system. Lightweight and small, it is a perfect means for brewing a single cup of great coffee almost anywhere, in almost no time at all. Easy to clean, take it camping or to the office, and you’ll need little more than ground coffee and hot water. Another great aspect of the Aeropress if that it is quite forgiving, in relation to dose and grind. This allows room for experimentation and finding what works best for you. You can expect the silty texture and velvety mouthfeel you would associate with a French press, but with a pleasant, low acidity due to the brief brew time. One of the customer testimonials on the packaging alludes to being a robot with an Aeropress arm. We’re not sure how well that would allow for the intended purpose, but are certain it was meant in a complementary fashion.


Aeropress and filter, scale, kettle, timer.


14gm coffee/ 220gm water is a good place to start. Feel free to play around with the ratio to your liking.

use your scale


We recommend a finer grind than you would use for a Chemex or drip machine, comparable to a fine sand rather than table salt.

Brewing Instructions:

We are big fans of the “inverted method” which allows for a longer steep time and a little more control.

Insert the plunger into the end of the coffee chamber and stand with the chamber opening facing upward.

Dump your ground coffee into the chamber, and add 220gm of hot water. Steep for one and a half minutes and stir gently, ensuring that all grounds are wet.

Wet an Aeropress filter, and set inside the filter cap. Screw on the filter cap, gently flip the Aeropress on top of your mug and apply enough pressure to the plunger to extract the coffee.

Clean up:

After brewing, discard grounds and filter by carefully aiming toward a garbage can and fully plunging the Aeropress. It's kind of fun.

Rinse and dry Aeropress.

All photos by Kristan Lieb