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When we asked our extremely talented friend Jócelyn if she would be interested in coming up with a coffee cocktail with us, she went above and beyond all expectations and delivered something that really knocked our socks off! Based on the classic Old Fashioned, The Cold Fashioned is a delightful winter cocktail, utilizing pine syrup, cardamom and smoke (yep) for added aroma. Oh, yeah... AND GLASSWORKS COFFEE. Check it out!

We started with cold brewed Glassworks Rare Earth single origin coffee. From Gautemala's San Vicente Pacaya, this coffee is loaded with dark cocoa notes and a molasses sweetness. I knew this would pair well with rye whiskey. To keep with the holiday theme, I used cardamom bitters and a pine simple syrup to flavor this drink.


The Cold Fashioned

From the mind of Jócelyn Freeman, The Cold Fashioned.


2 oz. Rye whiskey

1 oz. Glassworks cold brew coffee

1/2 oz. pine infused simple syrup

2 dashes of cardamom bitters

Because I'm extra and I like to set things on fire I took pine grilling planks, torched the center and then torched some pine needles. Once I got a good amount of smoke, I put the glass on top to capture all of that aroma. Plus, it looks wicked.


Joceyln with fire

jocelyn trapping smoke

Combine ingredients and stir over ice with a barspoon. Strain ice, and pour over a large ice cube in an Old Fashioned glass. Garnish with pine needles and cranberries if desired.

jocelyn mixing CF

jocelyn w CF

Cold Fashioned


Many thanks to Jócelyn! Stay tuned for more recipes from her, and please check out her coffee recipe site, The Modern Barista for her pine syrup recipe and much more!

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